Virtual Reality (VR)

Computer-generated environment that lets you experience a different reality.

A VR headset fits around your head and over your eyes, and visually separates you from whatever space you’re physically occupying.

Images are fed to your eyes from two small lenses, and immerse yourself in a video game without leaving your couch.



From films made by Hollywood to live-streamed concerts and theatrical experiences, VR has become a place to view videos that surround you. New cameras are being created to capture these VR stories, and tools to upload and livestream them are growing in number.


Imagine building a real home with virtual tools, or designing parts for a new car as if it already existed in the real world.

Imagine painting a 3D masterpiece while collaborating with friends around the globe. Apps and wand-like controllers are already making VR an amazing playground.


Obviously, video games are one of the main applications for virtual reality as of today. But VR will give game designers the freedom to take games to incredible new places.

Education & Simulation

Students could take a class trip to ancient Egypt, or try an open-heart surgery without any risks:

VR simulations can offer practice runs at techniques, designs and ideas.

Tourism & Exploration

Virtual tourism is the next best thing to being there. You could visit Paris, Mars, or the bottom of the ocean.

Whether you’re watching a 360-degree video someone shot, or a computationally generated 3D simulation, you can shut out the real world and replace it with your destination of choice.

One day, you may be able to explore your own memories as well. Recording them with a 360-degree camera, looking around to see what you missed in the moment.

Real-Estate & Shopping

Imagine being able to tour a prospective home from miles away, walking right through the property as if you were there. Imagine placing life-size models of your own furniture into that house, to see if they fit. Now imagine walking into a virtual clothing store with infinite shelf space, where you can see and try any shirt, blouse or pair of shoes on sale. Shopping will never be the same.