IHeal Digital platform

The iHeal Digital Platform is made up of one core module and a Therapy sub-module. The core module can be further linked to other service modules according to the situation. All modules are designed to be highly modular and are therefore easily customisable in order to cater to the extensive amount of diverse solutions the medical sector requires.

Elder Home

With the Synapse Module as a core, the Therapy sub-module and the other service modules, the platform is able to be implemented in the individual's home using sensors technologies and alert notifications.

Body Sensor

Various body sensing technology are used to create a interactive way of moving their joints and accurately detect wrong gestures.

AR/VR Gamification

Gamification can greatly improve the users' experience and interaction as compared to traditional therapy sessions.

iHeal Mobile Station

This is a custom made mobile station so that the interactive experience can be brought to anywhere. From welfare centers to home.

iHeal Robotics Assistance

Utilizing robotics to give the user more help in moving their joints where they normally can't.

iHeal Monitoring

Through sensors and mobile app alerts. Therapy and family members can remotely monitor elder's exercises and if elder is currently safe and active.

Virtual Assitant

Since therapy and nurse can communicate through our Digital platform, elders can easily contact for assistance.

iHeal IoT

The future is now. Utilizing sensors and connecting them to our servers, we create a environment that is capable of detecting for any mishaps or dangerous situations. From gas leak, to change in lights, to motion detection.

IHeal IoT

Adding various sensors into an elder's home, we can help safeguard and detect any abnormal events and alert others quickly.

Light Sensor
Gas Sensor
Temperature Sensor
Motion Sensor
Vibration Sensor
CCTV Monitoring

Exercise Sub-Modules

The Exercise Sub-Module is the module that is in charge of capturing information about the patient’s therapy and exercises. There can be more than one sub-module linked up via network to the Control Panel Sub-Module at one time. It is also possible to have more than one type of Exercise Sub-Module linked up depending on the requirements of the users.

Reports Generator

The reports generator works together with the analysis module to generate reports for all analysed information and displays the information that is user-friendly and easily comprehendible. These reports can be represented in the form of charts, tables, diagrams, visual reports or any other forms required.