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Lead Programmer

Being our Burmese team technical leader, Han is mentoring the group of young programmers and at the same time the lead programmer for our ARpos systems, Mobile App platform programmer. He knows a vast array of technical skills and programming languages, such as C#, Java, C++, HTML, frameworks such as Ionic and more. This team leader is not only strong in mind but also build up a strong body. A person with true perseverance and drive.


Brand & SEO Specialist

Albert Tee being the founder of 3A Marketing Pte. Ltd. Singapore is a brand & content strategist and a expert SEO(search engine optimization) specialist. He has mentored lots of people giving them the modern skills necessary for digital marketing. Together with ARzap Studio partnership, he will help bring out your brands to the right market and with proven result.

James Lee Weijie

Business Executive

James is the business executive responsible of overseeing projects’ progression and maintaining relationship with our clients. His experience in analytics helps our client to understand business data, providing insights back to business owners.

His role also encompass of translating technical terms and capabilities into business sense to clients, ensuring smooth transition for client if they engage ARzap Studio’s services.

Julius Michael Rinaldo

Senior System Analyst

Michael Rinaldo (Mike) is one of the founding members of ARzap Studio, while getting a bachelor degree at Bina Nusantara University, he has been doing freelance programming and analyst works. After graduating in 2013 with Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence) degree, he has been working as a full stack programmer in Indonesia, until 2014, when he decided to expand his horizon and join ARzap Studio offering his knowledge and expertise of understanding and evolving business systems, and together with the team, he strives to achieve innovation and implementation of new technologies, and in the process, creating effective data mining techniques and business intelligence solutions for businesses everywhere.

Justus Gan

Senior Tech Analyst

Justus has been with ARzap Studio Pte Ltd ever since its founding days back in 2014. After graduating from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in 2009 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, he then went on to further his studies in games development. Ever since then, he has been working as a software developer, developing games and interactive solutions for the rapidly growing InfoTech industry in Singapore. Together with the team, he strives to explore and analyze new technologies that could be used to create interactive, innovative and effective solutions for businesses in Singapore and around the region.


Senior Interactive Designer

JingShen is one of the early team member that has been through with ARzap since the beginning. He has the knowledge of 3D & Animation, and a degree in Computer Science Multimedia and Games Development. JingShen also directs and works closely together with the Indonesia team on 3D assets generations. Technology specialist in 3D assets, augmented reality and website.