What is an RMS System?

RMS  stands for Resource Management System. It is a management software that allows business to use a system of integrated applications to manage business and automate many backend office functions relating to technology, service and human resources. RMS software integrates all facets of operation including:

  • Product Planning
  • Development
  • Manufacturing
  • Sales and marketing

All in a single database, application, and user interface.

Benefits at a glance

What is the SYNAPSE System?

SYNAPSE system is an RMS system created by ARzap Studio Pte Ltd to connect all the available devices and systems to be easily managed through 1 connected system, users will be able to have an overview of the whole business process, and see detailed reports for each of the processes.

Currently SYNAPSE system is able to connect to all of the ARzap’s system softwares, including but not limited to:


  • Create sales order and request for approval in real time
  • Manage product displayed on AR/VR system directly from SYNAPSE system


  • Adjust promotional timing and items for interactive promotional board
  • Collect all body movement data from Kinect and display overview

POS System

  • Manage product price and availability for multiple branches / shop in 1 system
  • See overview of sales and daily operation of multiple branches / shop in 1 system

App for Ordering System

  • Integrating with POS System

CRM System

  • Manage customer database


  • Manage salary, attendance, and roaster timing
  • Generate payslips, bank giro transfer files

Timesheet Management System

  • Using our own thumbprint devices, the device data will be sent directly to the SYNAPSE system


  • Stock taking
  • Low stock alert
  • Stock management


  • Create quotations
  • Create sales orders
  • Generate invoices


  • Create purchase order (with approval)
  • Record and track vendor invoices


  • Set different budget for each department
  • Collection of invoice payments
  • Payment of vendor invoices


  • Statement of accounts
  • General ledger
  • Account ledger