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ARzap Studio Pte Ltd consists mostly designers and developers. And we have been doing what we do since 2014. In that short period of time, we have developed a way of working that is all about collaboration. It is why we talk about working ‘unusually closely’ with clients.

It means we help people to learn. And encourage everyone to share their perspective. And work out better ways to make group decisions. And figure out tricky issues before they become long debates. We do things as a team, basically – because it is the best way to get results that everyone is happy with.

We listen. We talk. We design. We develop. We build

At ARzap Studio Pte Ltd, we have worked hard on the principle of building and implementing great ideas and shaping them into web and mobile solutions that open new avenues and increase productivity and innovation for small and large enterprises. We are a team of 18 and are constantly growing to stay ahead of the ever increasing pace of business so that we can find new ways to deploy solutions to match it to your business needs.


To be a global brand name as an AR & IT Solution Provider, supplying our clients with cutting edge technology and high level of quality service, in a manner that will guarantee complete client satisfaction.


To endorse our clients with cutting-edge business solutions designed to drive their performance and profitability. With our in-depth knowledge, vast resources, and steady work values combined, we aim at leaving a footprint in the AR & IT industry.