Your shopfront business made easy

From order taking, order preparation and billing to cost, stock revenue management and customer relations, ARPOS allows you to connect all your daily business functions easily.

Dashboard & Reporting

Informative performance charts for your business

Customer Relation Management

Build and manage customers database with ease

Inventory & Stock Management

Smart handling of stocks and inventory movements

Point Of Sales Module

User friendly interface for quick navigation and response

Employee Management

Easily capture time and attendance for payroll processing


Dashboard and Reporting

Access valuable business data in real-time. Financial reports, sales performace and business costs.

  • Sales Break Down
  • Check Sales for any day–by store, item, item group, customer, customer group or sales person.
  • Reports can be previewed on screen printed, or exported/email

Customer Relation Management

Database of customers can be easily build and manage

  • Setup and Manage Customer Profile
  • Setup and manage multiple loyalty schemes which assign points on customer purchases
  • Setup and manage gift vouchers and coupons for customer loyalty schemes

Inventory and Stock Management

Smart handling of stock and inventory movements.

  • Item classification management
  • Manage item by types or categories
  • Manage and sell multiple items
  • Manage and calculate item quantity base on the item ingredient list and vice versa
  • Real-time inventory tracking

Employee Management

Easily capture time and attendance for easily payroll processing

  • Setup and manage employee information
  • Assign specific privilege and permission to employee
  • Every transaction made by the employee is recorded

Point of Sales Module

User friendly interface for quick ordering and payment

  • Intuitive and easy to use; A single checkout screen for sales transactions and commonly used task icons are accessible with a single click. Perform all tasks from a single screen.
  • Reduce employee training time and expenses.
  • Manage all types of products, service and merchandise.
  • Order modification for food service, customer orders, etc.
  • Product pairing / bundle / composite items
  • Add new items to POS just by scanning their barcode. Easy and quick item selection by barcodes, searching, item directory
  • Accept multiple tenders at checkout
  • Automatic price list & tax selection based on who is buying, where items is sold
  • Discounts by %, by per line and on grand total
  • Item card with picture (real-time inventory across all stores and prices)
  • Perform invoice void, exchange & return.